SIGMA Consult


The aim of SIGMA Consult is to promote good governance in the investment activities of institutional investors, mainly pension funds or IORP (institutions for occupational retirement provision).

SIGMA achieves its goal through:

  • Consulting services, principally portfolio analysis and evaluation of asset managers
  • Director mandates in the financial sector, mainly in investment funds…
Professional approach

The main elements implemented in the framework of the consulting activities and the director mandates are:

  • A consistent investment philosophy
  • An autonomous decision-making process
  • An organization avoiding conflicts of interests
  • An adequate control and monitoring.

Towards an institutional client, SIGMA Consult will limit itself either to consulting services either to a mandate of independent director.

Key values

The key values of SIGMA Consult are:

  • Integrity
  • Competence combined with independence
  • Discretion
  • Transparency towards the clients.
Legal framework

Since 2007, institutions for occupational retirement provision (“IORPs”) are governed by a specific legal framework about governance:

  • the Law of 27 October 2006 on the supervision of IORPs (“the Law”)
  • a series of royal decrees in application of the Law
  • the circular CPP-2007-2-LIRP/WIBP of the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) on the governance of the IORPs.

The legal standards give more freedom of action and also more responsibilities. Against this background, the internal audit function has been redefined to strengthen professionalism in the organization of pension fund activities.

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