Portfolio Analysis

The portfolio analyses of SIGMA Consult are based on the periodic management reports, completed with meetings with the asset managers. This process leads to the following:

  • Review of the implementation of the strategic allocation
  • Evaluation of the tactical allocation
  • Evaluation of the fixed income strategy and impact on the bond holdings
  • Analysis of currency management
  • Benchmarking
  • Qualitative evaluation of asset managers.
Manager selection
  • Drawing up a list of queries
    • definition of management objectives and constraints
    • development of a scoring system
  • Evaluation of proposals from portfolio managers
  • Ranking and selection.

SIGMA Consult takes into account the asset allocation and the characteristics of the involved investment structure (pension fund, UCIT, holding company…) in order to help finding the most adequate and cost efficient asset manager.

Drawing up a statement of investment principles

The statement of investment principles (SIP) defines the investment organization, the responsibilities of the different parties concerned as well as the main procedures. SIGMA Consult draws up this document in consultation with the institutional investor’s managers on the model of the Statement of Investment Principles of the pension funds in the United Kingdom.

Participation to an investment committee

The objective of this participation is to assist the institutional client in the monitoring of its investments. To this end, SIGMA examines three essential aspects of the investment organization:

  • the investment objectives and risks
  • the returns of the asset managers compared to their benchmarks
  • the evolution of the pension fund sector.
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